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Why Ultimate Solar?

To realize the many benefits of solar power, correct installation is critical. If your system is not correctly installed, you may not get the electricity cost savings you expect. We’ll get it done right.

Our leadership, professional system designers and field technicians are thoroughly familiar with the latest advances in our industry, ensuring that your home or building has the best combination of performance and reliability available. We know which equipment is proven and reliable, and which could cause you headaches down the road.

We have the experience, knowledge and financial resources to handle solar projects of any scope and complexity. So please give us a call, or send us an email. You’ll be glad you did.

What is the “Ultimate” in Ultimate Solar?

It’s about more than just installing solar panels on your roof. It’s an ongoing relationship that guarantees you a hassle-free ownership experience.

Of course, every solar contracting company might say something like that. How are we really any different? What does “Ultimate” mean in concrete terms?

It means:

  • Straight answers to all your questions.
  • A solar power system sized and custom designed for your unique needs and site factors.
  • The most advanced, safe and trouble-free home solar technology available.
  • We will put your new solar power system’s estimated electricity production in writing.
  • We will show you the smartest ways to reduce your home’s power consumption. And which ideas are a waste of money.
  • We won’t force you—in the fine print of our website contact forms—to agree that we can pester you with obnoxious robo calls. We’ve never done telemarketing and we never will.
  • We put your best interest first. For example, we’ve never marketed solar leases to homeowners and we never will, because residential solar power leases are a bad deal.
  • After your system is installed, we will monitor its electricity production to make sure it’s performing as promised.
  • You will have the cell phone number of one of our solar experts. And your phone calls will be returned.