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You Can Afford Solar

Rooftop solar is more affordable today than ever.
We have zero down payment financing, super low monthly payments, and a federal tax credit
that reduces your cost by 26%. There’s never been a better time to go solar.

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Going Solar is Super Easy

Choose Your System

Just solar power? Or solar with battery storage to provide emergency backup power? Enough solar panels to go net zero right away? Or a starter system you can add to later? One of our solar advisors will work with you to arrive at a system that best meets your family’s needs.

We Do All the Work

Great! You’re going solar! We’ll handle all engineering and design, handle the utility company solar interconnection application and HOA approval, pull all required permits, deliver and install your new solar power system, test it and show you how to track its performance.

Have Fun With Solar

No more utility rate increases for you! And no more huge summer electric bill spikes. Keep track of your system’s performance online or with our smart phone app. Even while you’re on vacation. Have fun showing friends your new, tiny electric bills. Be the envy of your neighbors.

Cost Increase Chart 1970-2015

According to the Energy Information Administration, Florida residential electricity costs about five-and-a-half times more today than it did in 1970. Past increases are mostly attributable to increasing global demand for primary fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. And these historical pressures are expected to continue.

But new, added pressures will come from replacement of aging transmission and distribution infrastructure and regulatory responses to climate change. So it seems entirely reasonable to expect that future increases will be greater than the increases of the last 40-plus years.

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